Creative Movement (Ages 2-4)

Introduction to ballet, jazz and tumbling.  Creative exercises and basic dance steps.  Strong emphasis is placed on self control, socialization and following directions.  (This is a 45-minute class.)

Ballet/Tap Combination (Ages 4 & Up)

45 minutes of ballet, 15 minutes of tap.  Classes teach fundamental ballet positions, body placement, balance, rhythm, technique and terminology; as well as, tap technique and tap combinations.

Jazz/Tap Combination (Ages 5 & Up)

45 minutes of jazz, 15 minutes of tap.  Classes will focus on isolations, kicks, extensions, turns, leaps and stylized movement to upbeat music; as well as, tap technique and tap combinations.

Acrobatics (Gymnastics) (Ages 4 & Up)

Beginner and advanced tumbling skills.  All skills are safely taught with the aid of spotting mats; as well as, hands-on spotting.

Classical Ballet/Pointe

Extensive ballet training and physical development required.  Those who will be on pointe will be the decision of the teacher.  The smaller class will be 1 hour, the larger class will be 1 1/2 hours.

Lyrical/Jazz/Tap Combination

This is a 2-hour class.  45 minutes of Lyrical with a classical ballet influence, 45 minutes of jazz, 30 minutes of tap.  This is for the more serious student.  We will alternate the start of class between lyrical and jazz.  The tap will be the last 30 minutes.

Hip Hop

High energy street style of dance.  Students will learn fun, energetic dances with sharp stylized movements.  Hip Hop dance incorporates the beat and syncopation of the music through body movement.

Adult Tap

If you have always wanted to take dance or if you took years ago and just want to have fun while getting some exercise, this is the class for you.  Basic dance steps and progressions will be covered in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.  (The dress code for Adult Tap will be stretch pants with no zippers or buttons and t-shirt.)


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